New Webhost

The site is in the middle of a move from one hosting service to another. I have decided to abandon for my new host because the old host was preparing to discontinue catch all email accounts. I suspect that it is because of the load on the server that can result if the account the catch all has to do spam filtering. Of course my new host gets around this by preventing spam filtering of the catch all account. Works for me thus the change.

Major Overhaul

Starting in late August 2003, Mike performed a major overhaul to the look, feel and structure of The primary non-visual change was the seperation of 1 incoherent blog into 5 seperate and hopefully much more coherent blogs.

Blog Changes

Replaced my blogger blog with a blog
powered by Movable Type. I
also converted all of the log entries.

Less Graphics, More Text

Update the interpage navigation links from graphic
buttons to text links. I did this for 2 reasons:

  • To speed page loads for modem users

  • To see if search engines will do a better job of indexing my
    web pages

  • Started Tracking Site Uptime

    Added the following link:

    Powered By ...?

    Which allows for the sites uptime to be tracked.

    New Pages

    Added the musicians page under Mikes thoughts. I also added the beginnings of the first of my favorite musicians page. This was for Liz Phair. After being annoyed with the continuing abuse of Copyright law, I created a page to address religious dissent.

    First Blog

    Many small changes and added a link to a web log or "Blog" that I can input info to via

    Home Photos

    Added some pictures of our new house. Those pictures can be found by clicking on an arrow on the floor plan for either the first floor or second floor.

    Final Initial Design

    Created Annoyances page and Stock trading page.

    Continued Early Expansion

    Moved Links from the index page to the newly created links page. Added the tracking information to all pages. Created the search page and the table of contents page.