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September 02, 2003

Great Architectural Photographs

A good friend of mine has a subsection of the Smithsonian's website devoted to a series of pages she created using photographs she took of the old Patent Office building that is being restored. Please take some time to go see Amy Boles' pictures of "A Different Light".

Posted by tmichael at 06:21 PM

June 17, 2001


Google is my favorite search engine although I tend to install their IE toolbar when possible, so I don't visit the search page often. 

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Tao of Gaming -- Board Games is my high school friend Brian's web site that has his very extensive writings on games and gaming. I think you will find it definative.

Posted by tmichael at 06:28 PM | TrackBack is my favorite site for tracking the price of a random piece of computer hardware.

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The free personalizable portal has become ubiquitous in recent years, but yahoo was the best one back when they were rare. As a result I have customized it more than any of the others. Feel free to try reaching me at my email address there. My username is tmichael. Be warned that I have given it out in so many places that your message could get lost in the spam.

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